Jeff  is a part-time professional nature photographer living in  Saratoga County in New York State,  about 17 miles southeast (20 minutes)  from the formal border of Adirondack State Park. Adirondack Park is a six-million acre blend of forever-wild public lands and private lands including numerous small towns. Within this unique park are thousands of lakes and ponds, thousands of miles of rivers and creeks, mountain summits reaching timberline, wetlands, and rich forests.  Varying Northern Forest from deciduous to boreal conifer forests features unique boreal birds, over 2 dozen wood warblers, moose, white-tailed deer, black bear, and other species.

For over twenty years, Jeff has been providing quality images and written articles to editors, publishers, graphics designers, conservation organizations, and government agencies for editorial, conservation, and education use. He has specialized in intimate nature portraits of birds, wildlife, and wildflowers of the Adirondack Mountains region for 20 years.  However his portfolio of avian images, 325 species, comes from across 20 states from Maine to Florida and westward to California. He has images of numerous bird species at conservation risk that are in use by conservation organizations from Alabama to Canada's Yukon.  In the digital age, there are so many photographers taking excellent images through skill and technology.  Jeff has strived to differentiate his work by capturing emotions of his subject and viewers often comment on the expressive nature of his bird and wildlife images. Jeff uses Canon DSLR and Panasonic 4/3 Mirrorless cameras and lenses.  For birds and wildlife, he is often using the best handheld technique vs. a tripod because so many of his images come from a kayak or canoe. In the Northern Forest of the Adirondacks and New England, so much wildlife is viewable and more approachable by water than by walking. In fact, Jeff's pack canoe and touring kayak are among his most important photo equipment. His Hornbeck carbon 12 foot canoe weights only 12 pounds and allows him to hike into distant remote wilderness lakes  and ponds where loons call, moose feed, and beaver swim.

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