Public Programs - NADLERPHOTO

The Beauty & Diversity of Adirondack Birds

A multimedia show featuring photography of beautiful birds in a diversity of Adirondack natural habitats with an emotional music score.  See boreal birds of conifer forests, common loons with newborn chicks, birds of prey, woodland warblers, winter visitors, and many more.  Jeff will discuss these habitats, his photo equipment and field techniques, and tell a few stories about his explorations. See the youtube trailer at:

For over twenty-five years, Jeff Nadler has photographed birds, wildlife, and other nature subjects in the Adirondacks, the northeast and beyond. His photography and written articles have appeared in Cornell's Living Bird, Bird Watcher's Digest, Adirondack Life magazine, Adirondac (ADK), Kaatskill Life, the Adirondack Explorer, NY State Conservationist, and in numerous regional nature books. Jeff is the feature photographer for all color and many black and white photos in the book, Adirondack Birding: 60 Great Places to Find Birds.  Conservation organizations across the U.S. and Canada using Jeff's avian photos include the Boreal Songbird Initiative, National Audubon Society, American Birding Association, Wildlife Conservation Society U.S. and Canada, Audubon NY, NRDC, the Biodiversity Research Institute, the U.S. Forest Service, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

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